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Applying Ergonomics to your Home work space

In the middle of Covid 19 pandemic, remote office space is a necessity for many. Arranging equipment and office items to work in tandem with the body's mechanics and structure is essential if one wants to prevent unnecessary aches and pains as well as resulting musculoskeletal disorders.

This 14 minute instructional video was designed as an excerpt to an employee wellness program video: "Home Office: "Ergonomic Tips and Necessary Stretches". This excerpt offers a couple of scenarios to display laptop, keyboard, mouse, chair, and monitor adjustments as they relate to ergonomic applications that reduce the chances of carpal tunnel syndrome and other neck and back pain. Body and forearm movements were offered in the main video. Stay tuned for additional stretching excerpts released on the blog, youtube channel, and facebook page in the coming weeks.

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Raising the level of the computer is such a great idea. I think it will really relieve the aches and pains associated with spending my day at the computer.

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