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"I am a rather unfit 53 year old woman who has not practiced yoga in over 18 months. A friend drug me along to an aerial yoga class and I was filled with trepidation. Could I do it? Was I too big? Was I strong enough?  All my worry was for naught. Karla hosts a small class and is so affirming that I felt comfortable right away. She met the skill set of each of us and made everything accessible. It is an experience that will stay with me for a long time.


It was not an acrobatics class as I had feared, in fact the silks served as props helping me do poses that my tight hips and knees prevent in a typical flow class. 


I felt graceful and capable, and amazed myself at what I could do.


There is a mental part of aerial yoga that I hadn’t expected. You have to let go and trust. This carried with me outside of the session. Who knew yoga could be such a learning experience?


The shavasana at the end was so peaceful - cocooning in the silk while you sway, and listen to Karla’s healing voice was a gift.


I can’t recommend the class enough. I do not live locally, but have found a class near me, and can only hope they can offer even a glimmer of Karla’s bright light."

~Laura Bilbey

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