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Yes, we automatically breath BUT is our airflow efficient within our body?  There are many breath practices out there.  Which one is best for your individual and physiological needs?  


PRiSM delivers best practices for altering the amount of gas exchange, muscle response, and airflow to all areas of our lungs. PRiSM training includes coaching clients or students the techniques to self monitor the efficacy of their own breath patterns within their body.  

When the whole system from the nasal passages to the respiratory diaphragm to the pelvic diaphragm are considered, the necessary balance of internal gas pressures are considerably more available to the individual.  Neurological brain-body retraining takes place when the body is in the proper position for airflow and the art of breathing is fine tuned.


















Karla offers breath coaching sessions both virtually and live.   Posture coaching and somatic (movement) integration are always included to produce the best results for the client.  


Her videos serve as good reminders of how and when to practice breath efficiency.  She calls these "Red Light Reminders" because the traffic light is an idle place in a busy day to at least pause and be aware of the importance of full exhales and nasal inhales.  


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We are created with multiple asymmetries starting in the brain.  Then over time life stressors and postural asymmetries change balance of the breathing muscles. The new patterns formed change all systems within our bodies including nerves like the vagus nerve. Balance to this nerve brings a sense of calm within our nervous system. 


Musculoskeletal shifts also take place when our respiratory diaphragm is not used effi. There are muscles attached to the diaphragm that are also attached to muscles that affect our back and hip joints. Since the body is a kinetic chain, we cannot get away from other structural effects upstream and downstream. The good news is re-learning the best breath patterns is so worth it. The body and brain connection is quite amazing and subtle positional shifts along with dialed-in breathing can make a life of a difference!

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