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"...The employees who participate in Karla's programs always provide positive feedback on her teaching style and approach that she takes on specific subject matter."

"Karla is very knowledgeable in such a wide range of subject matter and can offer classes on the topics whether that be virtually or in person."

"The investment is worth it for the employees to be able to engage on various different levels with Karla, and Karla will work with you to provide adequate and up to date subject matter materials when providing us with videos or PDF flyers to send out with various stretches. The customization of videos was what I liked the most. I was able to send out a survey asking employees what they wanted to see in a new series, and she was able to create those videos along with PDF's to send out to increase our participation. "

"If anyone is looking for a fun, engaging, and talented fitness instructor or well-being instructor,  I would highly recommend Karla 🙂"

                - Jenna Botelho Recreation Supervisor I, City of St. Petersburg (FL)

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