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"What The World Needs Now"

An uplifting, popular song of the 60's reminds listeners that everyone needs love.. "what the world needs now, is love, sweet love". Not many would argue that the world could use more love and kindness. Research shows that meditation/mindfulness practitioners experience increased self esteem and happiness plus lowered anxiety. Headspace, a popular mindfulness ap, explains with these positive feelings it is easier to practice self love therefore "easier to recognize the negative thoughts and feelings that often get in the way of us appreciating ourselves".1 The Dalai Lama describes how this internal love trickles down to the practice of love, kindness, and compassion to others, even sentient beings. There are many evidenced based studies that share how these practices increase lung, heart, and brain health. Brain health includes mental health such as decreased anxiety and depression. Increased focus, concentration, and clarity are even touted as benefits to a regular meditation effort.

If more reasons are needed to start meditating, please watch the following excerpt from "Finding Happiness in Troubled Times". 2. This documentary displays the modern neuroscience involved in proving that important areas of the brain improve with meditation/mindfulness. How many more reasons do we need to convince us of the importance of starting a regular practice today? Let's give the world what it needs!

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