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Pushing Personal Limits

Recently, such a fun family joined me for a private yoga class. The woman that booked the private session for her guests had already attended the types of aerial yoga St Pete Aerial Yoga offers on St Pete Beach. She was overjoyed with finding us at The Centre and after just a few weeks felt the benefits within her own body. She wanted her loved ones to feel the same thing.

Her guests had a mission as well:

To do something outrageously different every day. So, along with the AX throwing experience at "Smack My Axe", on Corey Ave., SPB, they chose this fabulously different kind of yoga, called aerial or suspension yoga.

Most of the group had no experience using fabric. They entered the lovely yoga room with a bit of hesitation on their faces. My job was to relieve their doubt and deliver a class that ALL could participate and enjoy.

So on Sunday at noon, ages from 15-65 with many levels of fitness and several different body types, did something in their eyes as outrageously different. It only took a few minutes for them to realize they could relax and trust the tutorial of using the fabric. They found out that it was not circus acts I was asking of them. With step by step instructions, they let go of expectations and used the time to treat their body to awareness and movement. They were brave and they tried new things. Even though some pictures elude to hanging upside down, our aerial yoga offers other positions with specific cues on how to get more back relief, more flexibility at hips, and more ease at all joints. Students report that many of the postural, mindfulness and breath tips taught, stay with them after class!

The body produces a bit of adrenaline due to new and exciting options. The body receives strength and length of many muscles from the resistance and mobility of the fabric. But it is the 3-10 min. final rest in the hammock that allows for the student to assimilate these things, feel the space that was just created in the body, as well as balance felt by the mind. The group left feeling fabulous and proud!

The group left feeling fabulous and proud! What joy and gratitude I have for facilitating this type of wellness! Thank you Joan and family pushing your personal limits with St Pete Aerial Yoga!

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