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Do you take time to assimilate all that your brain, your body, and your psyche does for you daily? When you sit in stillness with an intention to quiet the body and mind, you do. When you listen to your sighs and feel the release, you do. When you hear your own breath and feel where it moves your being, you do. When you feel into your own heart beat and take a moment to marvel at the wondrous internal mechanisms of the body, you do. When you slow down to look at insects crawl on the earth with peace in your mind and heart, you do. When you pray and then listen to hear what comes from the prayer, you are there!. IF you resolve to be present in that moment and take the pause mindfully, your body, brain and psyche are receiving great benefits.

Try this visual if you don't already have a practice of sitting still to invite mindfulness or to meditate. Sit in a comfortable position. Set an intention to give yourself 5 minutes. Silence your phone. Use your sense of vision to follow the rolling ball down the hill while you exhale. Close your mouth and rest in the pause between the exhale and inhale. Gently breathe air in through the nose and seamlessly let it take you into the next LONG, SLOW, CONTROLLED, AUDIBLE breath out. Be with the process. Hear your breath flow gently in and out with a pause to sense the calm of your nervous system. If your mind happens to wander- no big deal - just bring it back to the sound of your breath.

EnjoY the P~E~A~C~E in the PAUSE!

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