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What About The Kids?

Regardless if this is the year of challenges or if 2020 was the easiest year in the 21 century, practices to calm the nervous system are essential. Smart phone apps are finally available and some wise adults are accessing mind mastering tips to release stress from their day. What about the children?

A religious organization recently called to access my M3's (mini mindful moments). The administrator for the elementary age children acknowledged that the new culture of school rules due to Covid19 was causing an additional stressor for the families, for the children.. Just three years ago, I learned from an elementary school that grades 2-5 school aged kids were extremely stressed about test performance. Does performance stress come earlier and earlier each generation? Wow, to be anxious about wearing masks, hearing the teacher, rules of playtime, test grades. Children are experiencing all of this on top of the normal "do I fit in?, will I be liked,? will they still love me?" inner talk, not to mention their parents stress and reaction to political, civil duties, and world health crisis',

So yes, mindfulness training is for children and would be even more effective if practiced as a family. Everyone acknowledging the need to practice best breath practices and positive imagery techniques would create a team atmosphere as well as a pact to pick good tools to manage everyday disappointments, frustrations, and real-time stress.

This intro explains one technique and prepares the family for the Ha Peace mini mindful moments (M3's).

Finding time is very difficult in today's culture of busy is better, but isn't peace of mind and lifelong stress management tools worth the 5 or less minutes that it takes to practice?

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I love the mini mindful moments. I tried them myself but look forward to sharing them with my family.

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