Practice Savasana


As we continue to maneuver 2020’s year of changes, let me remind you that one of

the best asanas for stress is Savasana. While it is the hardest one to do because of

our racing minds, it is paramount to practice if we want to cultivate a balanced

nervous system. It is the consistent practice of breath work and surrender on the mat,

that makes it easier to culminate off the mat.

Research shows that even 3 minutes of stillness and intentional relaxation with breathwork

can calm the parasympathetic nervous system. Like a triathlete training for the

next triathlon, we need to train to attain this skillset. Therefore, our brain can then

access the calmness in a chaotic situation.

Here are a few tips…

(1) Make sure you are comfortable by using pillows, blankets, and/or bolsters so no

muscular tension remains in the body.

(2) Acknowledge your intention to give your body and mind this time.

(3) Bring your attention to your breath and take an audible, cleansing exhale. This

signals the nervous system that it is safe to relax and just be where you are.

(4) Start at your heels and mentally move up the body parts trying to feel them sink

heavier. Scan for insidious tension in the jaw, temples, shoulders and even the hips.

Allow yourself to let the last tension go.

(5) Be still. Let your mind notice from the crown of your head, moving downward over

the face, neck, torso, legs, to the tips of your toes, how your body continues to

release and relax with each breath. Be patient; it is training. The brief moments of

quiet are noticed over time. Stay on course and the inner peace will be easier to find.

(6) Take a mental snapshot of how each level of your being feels in this relaxed state.

Notice if you feel more rested, alert, and alive than when you started.

(7) Make an intention to take something positive with you and leave something that

does not serve the good in you, behind.

(8) Move slowly out of your Savasana pose.

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