From a street market in Brazil...

My problem with today's diets is that the focus is typically counting calories with the goal of losing weight. Many people on a diet get confused with all of the do's and don'ts. With the added pressure of weight loss they often lose focus and desire to continue. Since a "diet" is all that you ingest, all that you take into your being- you are always on a diet. The country of Brazil did a great job in taking the complication out of dietary guidelines that are given by governments and offered tips that focus on nutrition, enjoyable meal time, and uncovering the tricky marketing practices of the food industry.

"The Nature of Things: Food for Thought" takes us on a journey into the fascinating world of dietary science, revealing the answers to intriguing questions like: What’s in an apple? Why are supermarket tomatoes so tasteless? And just how fattening is that takeout you ordered last night?

From a street market in Brazil to a doughnut shop in Boston, a greenhouse in Florida to a campus kitchen in Vancouver, the film offers viewers plenty to chew on, including surprising research about the food we’ve been swallowing and a new recipe for healthier lives.

United States Food Pyramid: Brazil Food Pyramid:

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