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  • 15-30 minute informational videos accessible at employees leisure or delivered according to employers needs.


  • Wide range of subjects designed to support many aspects of wellness for a variety of employee needs.  Topics focus on:

    • decreasing fatigue and joint pain

    • increasing work place efficiency

    • self care practices

    • fitness and movement therapies

    • nutrition and lifestyle goal setting 

    • stress management training    

Videos available

1 - Three Stretches and One Movement Everyone Should Do Daily 

2 - Why Does My Neck Hurt and What Can I Do About It?"

3 - The Best Way to Set Up My Computer Desk at Home or At Work


4 -  Why Does My Low Back Hurt? What Can I Do About It?

5 - Yoga Poses That Help Everyone & Why


6 - What's The Big Deal About Breathing Better? 

7- Chair Fitness:  Stretching, Strengthening, Breathing 

8- Nutrition: 11 Steps To A Healthier You! 

9 - Nutrition:  Macronutrients & Myths 


10 - Nutrition: Mastering Weight Loss

11- Virtual Strength Training & a Lil' Bit of Cardio!

12 - Get Moving, Get Motivated, Get Fit! 

13 - Solutions To Better Sleep 

14- Working From Home: Ergonomic Tips & Necessary Stretches

15 Pull Yourself Together: Five Ways To Manage Stress Better 


16 Boost Your Balance, Strength, Flexibility With This Routine 

17 - How To Set Goals & Stick With Them


18 - Easy Feel Good Things For Your Evening Routine

19 - Easy, Feel Good Things For Your Morning Routine 

20 - Healthy Spine/Posture Training 

21- Yoga Flows That Give You More Energy  

22 - Movements For Strong Bones and A Healthy Nervous System

23 - Mindfulness Training: Learn Jedi Focus Skills  

24 -Five Easy Health Hacks For Your Work Week & For Your Wellbeing 

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