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Karla Hollan

Aerial Yoga Specialist, RYT, CSPS, retired DPT, 

Ergonomic Specialist, Breath Coach

Karla's has been studying and teaching yoga for over 21 years. Her background is Physical Therapy so she enjoys teaching with muscle engagement cues to promote body awareness. She also believes a yoga pose should have “Sukha” (a good fit) for each individuals uniqueness.  Her work involves coaching and training individuals + corporations in optimal diaphragmatic breathing and postural symmetry to reduce strains and fatigue.  She loves working with kids in mindfulness training and has created the M3 approach for children (and adults) needing to calm and focus themselves. SEE MORE ABOUT KARLA'S KIND OF YOGA HERE


Denise Glueck

Aerial Yoga Specialist, RYT, LMT,

Yoga Ayurveda Specialist

Denise was the first to bring Aerial Yoga to St Pete, over 21 years ago.  She also managed the longest, continuous running studio in St Pete, Yoga Moves.   Her Aerial Yoga classes combine traditional Yoga methodology and the alignment principles of Iyengar. She designs her classes so the swing is a prop, which makes it possible for all levels to experience fun and ease in a yoga practice. Classes are designed to modify the postures using the support of the swing.  Her expertise as a Massage Therapist certainly brings a knowledge to her classes that helps students understand yoga positioning.


Tara Tomerine

Aerial Yoga Specialist, RYT, 

Tara helped bring aerial yoga to St. Pete over a decade ago.  She is passionately inspired to contribute to the health and happiness of others and loves sharing yoga to alleviate the stresses of everyday life. Tara continues to study yoga especially the therapeutic, alignment-oriented styles but she believes that a smile is the best yoga pose of all. While her classes encourage the fundamentals of a safe and intelligent practice, they also are fun and lighthearted. She has a graceful style and teaches additional climbing techniques and beautiful flips too!   


Kristina Surdan

Aerial Yoga Specialist, RYT,

Respiratory Therapist

Meet Kristina! She has integrated her respiratory therapist background with her love of teaching. Her goal is to share all the amazing ways yoga can transform the mind and body, returning you back to the most authentic you. As 500 RYT, Certified Aerial Yoga Instructor, and a 20 year student, Kristina has learned many different styles of yoga.  She continues to evolve and refine her classes. 


Heather Graeme

Heather is a LMT who has owned and operated the Therapeutic Massage Center for 20 years.  She teaches stretch & massage CEU's as well.  Movement and physiology have been lifelong passions of hers. She began dance classes at the age of 4 and continues to dance and teach dance to this day.   As a regular yoga student of Karla Hollan and Denise Gleuck for many years she had early access to aerial yoga.  Now she shares her knowledge of stretching and self care body techniques with the Silver Stretch class.  Using the fabric as a prop, she offers movements that open restricted joints allowing the body to feel lighter in everyday activities. When joints are adequately open, energy flows more freely. Inversions & aerial yoga not offered in this class.

Stretch & Massage Educator, LMT 

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