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st pete aerial yoga@ the centre

Updated: Aug 19, 2022

Though there are places in town that teach pole dancing and dropping from a ceiling by means of aerial fabric, not every body wants that intensity. At The Centre on St Pete Beach, Aerial Yoga (a.k.a Suspension Yoga) is designed to work with all body types and provide therapeutic principles of healing to the body and mind.

Adrenaline always pulses through the body when trying something new. There is a greater amount of this neurochemical if one chooses to invert or flip due to the antigravity benefits for the circulatory and nervous system. But there are immense benefits to using the swing for non-inversion activities: support to the bones, pressure on the fascia, and length to the muscles. So the St Pete Aerial Yoga instructors at The Centre are most concerned with creating space and ease within the body to truly tap into the physiological benefits.

There are numerous classes to choose. From a Monday morning non-yoga stretch class for seniors to an ultra-restorative Wednesday night aerial yoga class, a Monday night high flying tricks class or to all levels flow class- there is a perfect one for you!

Check it out!

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