The Most Surprising Yoga Statistics


  • 54% of US yogis do yoga because it helps them release tension. 

  • 59% say it helps them sleep better.  

  • 56% of US yogis are beginners.

  • The # of men practicing yoga increased by 150% percent in 4 years.

  • 87% of people feel better after a yoga class.  

  • Yoga carries a lower risk of injuries compared to other physical activities.

  • 300 million people worldwide practice yoga, including 36 million Americans with 14 million of those being over the age of 50.  

  • 65% of yogis practice at home.                                             Source: 


Karla's yoga teaching style is unique & influenced by her P.T. education & decades of yoga in multiple yoga traditions. She enjoys teaching in a structural way to give the student more body awareness yet believes in expanding one’s keen sense of the subtle body.  As long as the client is breathing in the pose, she does not care about a perfect pose. As the student learns to alter the pose to fit their body type and present day energy level she is thrilled that one of her goals as an instructor is met!
Karla shares many of Ray Long’s (Bandha yoga) concepts w/muscular engagement cues that help students learn more about their own body and align the bones for the intended benefit. Also, she integrates as much of Postural Restoration Institute's methodology into the poses as possible, as it relates to pelvis position and diaphragmatic breathing. 
As pictured (right), she enjoys aerial yoga & using silk fabric for resistance and the many benefits of anti-gravity as well as gentle joint oscillations.  
 All of Karla's classes involve:
(1) mindfulness techniques, (2)warm-up movements for the joints that are about to be focused upon, (3) standing and balance postures, as well as a
(4) brief cool down and
(5) zen-like relaxation pose.  
She believes that twists should be done with caution, that strengthening the posterior muscles is paramount, and that finding ease in each pose is necessary to integrating one of the essential tenants of yoga.  
Karla has been teaching and practicing yoga for 24 years and she knows she will always be a student of yoga!  Because of the many benefits , she wants to share the multi-facets of it with as many people as possible.  Personal yoga training is her favorite way to share as she can help each client with customized content for their specific needs.   Click here          for class schedule & descriptions: 
Below are examples of customized sessions of personal training & Yoga blended to meet the clients needs>  (unmute at bottom right)
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