Aligning the bodies joints to create the foundation for better athletic performance, less pain, energy optimization, and adequate breath patterns. Repetitive stress injuries can be avoided by small postural changes and effective biomechanics.  Ergonomic analysis and postural adjustments can prevent un-needed wear and tear on the body and create a more efficient employee.  Take a quiz here to see if you need a posture check.  


    External respiration is the act of breathing. Efficient breathing is crucial for optimal health because it facilitates proper exchange of gases. When we move adequate amounts of air that contains oxygen into the lungs where it will be carried by the bloodstream to each cell, it nourishes our body.  Carbon dioxide is released as a waste product and if proper amounts are released, the body can thrive!  


    Psychologically, integration is "the coordination of processes in the nervous system, including diverse sensory information and motor impulses".  This process happens when muscles are re-educated during yoga, bio-mechanical re-alignment, and during breath practices. Both neuromuscular and sensorimotor connections help one bring body, mind, and soul into balance when practicing PRISM's 5-step program. Book an appt here to learn more.


    Soma is a cell body of a neuron. It keeps the cell functioning and holds the cell's DNA. Easier somatic synonyms are: anatomy, physical body, physique.  Movement therapies, including yoga, dance, and tai chi relate to the somatic nature of a body by allowing internal physical perception and experiential present moment awareness to take place.  This video displays a guided yoga centering practice using "somatic play":


    Mindfulness & Meditation are difficult practices but well worth the benefits. There are many types of meditation so there should be at least one for that will successfully deliver moments of alert stillness. The goal is to go beyond the mind and ego to experience our essential nature of peace, happiness, and bliss.   A perfect place to start is mindfulness training.  A 28 day practice where you learn to be present with a different subject everyday is available for your viewing here:  

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